Visit to Alice Springs

Release Date: 
14 November 2019
Media release

I understand that these are difficult and emotional times for many members of the community. My thoughts are with all those directly involved and their families, as well as the broader community.

As charges have now been laid it would be inappropriate to comment on the incident.

I understand people want answers. The incident is now subject to a judicial process, as it should be.

Now is not the time for blame.

Now is the time to care for those that need it most in our community. It is a time for compassion.

I have arrived in Alice Springs to listen to community members and hear from people on the ground. Today is a day to have respect for the community; therefore I will not be making any further comment and ask that the community and individuals involved are treated with respect by the media.

My focus is on the safety and wellbeing of those closest to the incident. I have been in touch with the Chief Minister and will continue to maintain open dialogue.