Nigali Lawford-Wolf Statement

Release Date: 
14 August 2019

I first met Ningali Lawford-Wolf in the 1980s.

As a Wangkatjunka woman born in the far-north Kimberly region of Western Australia, she was strong and passionate in her commitment to the education of Aboriginal children in her community.

Ningali was one of the most sincere people that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing – I fondly remember that she always called me ‘Mr Wyatt’.

With an unmatched talent for acting, there was no doubt Ningali loved what she did, and loved even more sharing her culture, and that of Indigenous Australia through her art.

Both on and off the screen and stage, Ningali will be remembered for the work she did to create opportunity through education, and more importantly for conveying the story of our lives.

I am shocked that we’ve lost a great Australian, and I join Ningali’s family and friends in remembering her remarkable life and many achievements.