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Alan Tudge was elected to the Australian Parliament in 2010, representing the seat of Aston. Following the 2013 Federal election he was appointed to the role of Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister with a primary focus on Indigenous affairs.

He has been a member of the House of Representatives Employment and Education Committee and was Chairman of the Coalition’s Taskforce into Online Higher Education.

Prior to entering parliament, Alan spent most of his career in business, including several years with the Boston Consulting Group in Australia, Malaysia and New York, and running his own advisory business. He was also Senior Adviser to former Education Minister Brendan Nelson and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

He also spent several years as the Deputy Director of Noel Pearson’s Cape York Institute where he oversaw the design of the Welfare Reform program as well as a number of other initiatives. 

His experience with Cape York began in 2000 where he was the first corporate secondee into remote Indigenous Australia. Jawon which has now sent over 1000 secondees from Australia’s leading companies.

Alan has had a long term commitment to improving our education systems. As well as his work in parliament, Alan is a co-founder of Teach for Australia, a national non-profit which supports top graduates into disadvantaged schools.

He was born and educated in the eastern outskirts of Melbourne where his parents were new immigrants to Australia. His first jobs included apple and potato picking, factory laboring, bar work and sales assistant at Myer Dandenong.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University (where he was Student President) and an MBA from Harvard University.

He is a keen sportsman and proud North Melbourne supporter.

He lives in Wantirna South with his wife, Teri, and their two daughters.


The Hon Alan Tudge MP is the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister.

Jawun 15th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

Thank you Tony for your introduction. Thank you Aunty Agnes for your warm Welcome to Country on behalf of the traditional owners.

And may I acknowledge the other members of parliament here tonight: the Hon Jenny Macklin MP, and Mr Shayne Neumann MP.

This is a special evening where we celebrate Jawun’s 15th anniversary. I am very proud to be here with perhaps a foot in two camps: here representing the Prime Minister and the Australian Government but also as a Jawun secondee myself, 15 years ago.

SKY News AM agenda - Interview with Kieran Gilbert

KIERAN GILBERT: You heard what Don Rothwell had to say, if our Government has paid people smugglers to return a boat, we’ve engaged in people smuggling in his view.

ALAN TUDGE: Well this is an allegation at the moment which is unfounded, there’s no proof and we will not be commenting on operational matters. Our firm resolve has been since the start to stop the people smugglers business, to stop the boats, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

SKY News, the Dalley edition - Interview with Helen Dalley

HELEN DALLEY: Alan Tudge, thanks very much for joining us.

ALAN TUDGE: Pleasure.

HELEN DALLEY: This state-federal education funding change raised in a discussion paper from the PM’s own department. This came up today and became a big issue because it was leaked. Now Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne both ruled out any of the options before the discussion paper had even been discussed. Why would they do that?

2GB Sydney Interview With Chris Smith

Mr Tudge, good morning.

Good morning Chris.

Thank you very much for your time. So why have you decided to pull the pin on tonight's appearance?

As you've just been explaining, last week the ABC gave a platform to a man who is a criminal, a terrorist sympathiser, and who has advocated for sexual violence against women.

Newsradio Interview with Steve Chase

Topics: Q&A Program E&OE…

Tony Abbott's Parliamentary Secretary, Alan Tudge, has withdrawn from tonight's program. He's the second MP to do so. Mr Tudge said it would be inappropriate for him to appear on the show while the Government's formal review of the decision is underway.

I think we should wait for the findings of that report and see what action is taken following that report before I participate on the panel.

Sky News, to the Point Interview with Kristina Keneally & Peter Van Onselen

Alan Tudge thanks for joining us.  Are you worried that their ratings are just going to collapse because of that decision?

G'day Peter, hi Kristina, listen I've made the decision because we have the review underway and I didn't think it would be appropriate for a Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister to be participating on the panel while that review is underway.

2UE Sydney Interview With Bill Woods

Topics: Q&A Program E&OE…

I'm assuming, Mr Tudge thanks for your time, that you think it's just a bit inappropriate at the moment for you to appear given the controversy. Is that right?

That's exactly right Bill. Last week, as you know, the ABC gave a platform to a man who is a criminal, who's a terrorist sympathiser, and who's advocated sexual violence towards women. It was an appalling decision on behalf of the ABC.

ABC RN Drive Interview with Jonathan Green

Topics: Q&A Program E&OE…

And not on the panel tonight, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Alan Tudge. Alan Tudge welcome.

G'day Jonathan.

I didn't want to confuse you with the theme. You might've thought it was entrapment! You were invited on tonight's Q&A program before the Zaky Mallah controversy but you withdrew last night. Why was that?

ABC AM Programme Interview with Anna Henderson

Topics: Constitutional recognition E&OE…

Monday's summit on the referendum to recognise Indigenous Australians in the constitution is looking as though it might not reach any consensus.

Indigenous representatives remain sharply divided on the best way to achieve constitutional recognition - and the Government is also facing internal dissent.

The Prime Minister's parliamentary secretary, Alan Tudge, will be among a small group of non-Indigenous MPs who will attend the summit.