Performance Framework for Australia’s major cities

Release Date: 
26 April 2017
Media release

The Federal Government is building a National Cities Performance Framework to measure improvements in Australia’s largest cities.

Addressing the inaugural Cities Reference Group meeting in Sydney today, Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor invited industry leaders, researchers and non-government organisations to help develop the Framework.

“The Performance Framework will bring together important metrics about Australia’s largest cities in one accessible online location,” Assistant Minister Taylor said.

“This will allow us to measure the success of our cities agenda, while providing an evidence base to inform better policy.”

The Framework will include a number of internationally comparable indicators, which will allow Australians to track their cities’ progress against global competitors.

The Performance Framework will link to the Australian Government’s National Map, using the powerful open data tool to provide new insights into Australia’s economic geography.

“We know a one-size-fits-all approach won’t solve issues around housing, transport and access to jobs.  Understanding the diversity of Australia’s cities means we can tailor local solutions.”

At the Cities Reference Group meeting, Assistant Minister Taylor demonstrated an early prototype on National Map.

“The ability to create real-time data at the local level requires a partnership approach. If we work together to present new data in a new way, we will have delivered an incredible tool for the Australian public and Australian businesses.”

Further information on the National Cities Performance Framework, Cities Reference Group and Smart Cities Plan is available at the Smart Cities website.