Greater competition will come from more access to data

Release Date: 
8 May 2017
Media release

The Australian Government today tabled the Productivity Commission’s final report into Data Availability and Use.  The Government thanks the Commission for its report, which proposes significant improvements to data use and sharing in Australia.

Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor said greater competition would come from more access to data.

“Empowering citizens, governments, industries and researchers to use and share data will boost transparency – igniting competition and innovation,” Assistant Minister Taylor said.

“Government recognises first and foremost that the community must trust and accept any reforms to Australia’s data system.”

The Commission’s proposed reforms include appointing a National Data Custodian to accredit public entities to release data to trusted users, to designate National Interest Datasets, and provide guidance on privacy, de-identification and security.

The Commission consulted widely during its Inquiry and received over 330 public submissions from individuals and organisations before making its recommendations.

The Commission recommends new Commonwealth legislation to give effect to these reforms, as well as a timeframe to have that legislation passed by the end of 2018.

A cross-portfolio taskforce has been established within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to consult with stakeholders and develop the Government’s full response.

The Inquiry delivers on the Government’s commitments made in response to the Murray Financial System Inquiry and Harper Competition Policy Review. For more information or to view the final report, please visit the Data Availability and Use Taskforce webpage.