Data analytics teams to deliver better targeted services

Release Date: 
25 May 2017
Media release

A new Commonwealth initiative known as the Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA), will establish data analytics teams to deliver improved, evidence‑based programs and policy.

The Government will invest $130.8 million in the DIPA over three years, through the Public Sector Modernisation Fund announced in the Budget.

The DIPA will maximise use of the Government’s vast data assets, allowing cost effective and timely insights into data that is already available.

Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, Angus Taylor, said one of the policy areas to be analysed would be the costs and benefits of different forms of industry assistance.

“Data analytics provides an extraordinary opportunity to support policy development and deliver real outcomes for Australians,” Assistant Minister Taylor said.

“A central capability within the DIPA will coordinate specialised teams focused on social, industry, environmental and government efficiency policies.”

Other areas to be analysed include identifying and preventing risk of disability in the workplace, supporting ongoing workforce participation for those with a disability, and better understanding the effects of medications to avoid adverse reactions.

The DIPA will create high-value national data assets to build longitudinal data about populations, businesses, the environment and government to inform the development and evaluation of policies and programs.

The data will be de-identified and analysed in controlled environments governed by strict processes and legislation.

The DIPA aims to benefit all Australians through improvements in social and economic welfare and better outcomes for businesses.