Auditor-General finds myGov exceeding expectations

Release Date: 
27 June 2017
Media release

The Hon Alan Tudge MP, Minister for Human Services
The Hon Angus Taylor MP, Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation

The Government supports the findings of an ANAO audit of myGov which finds it has achieved results which are double the initial expectations.

The audit report, released today, found that when the project commenced in 2012 the original forecast predicted 5.1 million accounts and six member services but the online service has now achieved more than 10 million active accounts and ten member services.

The report reviewed the Department of Human Services’ (DHS) implementation of myGov and confirms the innovative whole of government portal has improved the delivery of government services for millions of Australians.

In particular the report found the website has improved the delivery of government services with three important features: accessing services with the one sign-on, easier updating of details and receiving correspondence through a secure digital portal.

Importantly, the ANAO concluded the implementation of myGov as a platform to deliver whole-of-government online services has been largely effective and suitable security and privacy measures are in place.

Finally, the ANAO acknowledges the infrastructure put in place during 2015 to host the myGov platform has improved performance, especially during peak demand, with the monthly availability target of 99.5 percent met or exceeded.

The audit made two recommendations, both of which have been accepted. The first, to assist more agencies to make their services available via myGov, will be the shared responsibility of DHS and the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). The second, to establish a framework to monitor the website’s performance, will be overseen by the DTA.

Minister for Human Services, Alan Tudge said the findings confirm myGov is capable of delivering the benefits of eGovernment to the Australian community.

“The Coalition Government is making unprecedented investments into IT and better digital services. These investments are now paying off big time for Australian citizens,” said Minister Tudge.

“myGov is now one of the largest digital services in the country, with an average of 242,000 people successfully using the capability daily. It’s making access to government services simpler and faster for Australians.”

“We will continue to expand the services offered by myGov in partnership with the DTA, in conjunction with the broader digital transformation that is taking place across government.”

Assistant Minister Taylor said recent improvements to myGov had been rolled out ahead of the busiest usage in coming weeks, with the end of the financial year.

“There will be ongoing, regular updates to myGov and this more iterative, and user driven approach is an important new direction,” Assistant Minister Taylor said.

“Every change to myGov, no matter how small, has had a direct positive impact for Australians.”

Improving myGov is just one element of our service delivery transformation – it also includes the billion dollar WPIT programme, new $600 million telephony system, claiming processes overhaul, complete revision of sections of the Centrelink website, 250 new call centre staff and other measures to reduce call wait times.