Western Sydney City Deal will frame development around new airport

Release Date: 
16 September 2016
Media release

The Western Sydney City Deal will frame jobs, housing and better transport around the new Western Sydney Airport.

Assistant Minister for Cities Angus Taylor encouraged public feedback on a scoping study released today on Western Sydney rail options. He also pointed to the Environmental Impact Statement for the airport finalised this week.

Assistant Minister Taylor said the City Deal would be pulling the threads together on Western Sydney development.

“The City Deal process will involve all levels of government collaborating with private sector contributors and local communities across Western Sydney, to set goals for development and a plan for action around the Western Sydney Airport.

The new airport will catalyse development in the immediate area surrounding the site, but a rail link offers an unprecedented opportunity to link transport planning with urban planning and land use in Western Sydney.

“This is not just about moving people from A to B or providing a service just for airport passengers. Here is the opportunity to build infrastructure that will support Western Sydney’s development as a liveable city.

“The Western Sydney City Deal will look to address housing supply and affordability by supporting integrated planning and greater diversity of housing options. Jobs closer to homes is one of the clear goals. A City Deal will also ensure long-term management of the region’s environmental assets.”

Assistant Minister Taylor said it was important Western Sydney residents were feeding ideas into the process.

Formal discussions will commence in coming weeks on a Western Sydney City Deal.

Further information on City Deals is available on the Cities website.