Statement from Senator Nigel Scullion

Release Date: 
25 January 2019


The Coalition Government’s announcement of reforms to the Community Development Program has been well received by Indigenous leaders.

The Government is committed to working in partnership with Indigenous Australians to deliver better outcomes including to improve school attendance, support more jobs and ensure communities are safe.

The reforms to the Community Development Program, which have been co-designed with communities, deliver on this commitment and will support a better future for remote job seekers and communities.

These reforms are the first step towards delivering what remote communities are calling for but the Government will continue to pursue legislative reforms through the Senate to deliver more community control, 85 per cent less breaches and 6,000 new subsidised jobs.

Corey McLennan
Chief Executive Officer
Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation
Koonibba, South Australia

The Government’s reforms to the CDP have been co-designed with communities and deliver exactly what communities want. More flexibility, more tailored support, less interaction with Centrelink and new real jobs is exactly what communities have been crying out for. It is pleasing that a majority Indigenous owned company has been selected to deliver services in the Far West. We have been working hard to achieve this outcome, I commend the government and Minister Scullion for working with us to deliver these important reforms.  Let me be clear in saying that abolishing the CDP will devastate communities and is simply not worth contemplating.

Mr Mickey Wunungmurra
Deputy Chair of Arhem Land Progress Aboriginal (ALPA) Corporation
Gapuwiyak, Northern Territory
The Board of ALPA had asked for changes to make the CDP more flexible, helping providers and participants to work together to get good outcomes. We are happy to see these changes which will allow people in CDP to live full lives with family and culture whilst still meeting their obligation and doing training and activities.”

Ted Gondarra
ALPA CDP Engagement Co-ordinator
Galiwin’ku, NT
The reforms will help me deliver better training to our job seekers and it will also allow greater capacity for me to deliver resources to my people.

Changes to the provider payment model allow providers to spend less time undertaking administration and compliance and more time and resources working on engagement and service delivery, providing a higher level of support in communities.

Roy Ah See
Chair, New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC)

The Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, announced reforms to the Community Development Program (CDP) this week that deliver directly on NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) priorities - local control and jobs for our communities.

I have heard from Land Council members in places where CDP is currently operating for our communities. NSWALC have been passing on your feedback directly to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

These changes respond directly to what remote communities have been calling for. By giving flexibility to job seekers to complete their activities across different hours or days, giving discretion to local Indigenous organisations to engage job seekers and delivering more jobs, more people will be supported to overcome barriers to work, gain the skills and experience to win jobs, and move off welfare and into work.

Importantly, from July, CDP will be delivered by Indigenous organisations across all regions.

Samuel Bush-Blanasi
Northern Land Council, NT
We support the Community Development Program reforms being rolled out now - more local organisations delivering the program, less breaching, less Centrelink and more jobs. The CDP needs to be supported going forward.

Colin Saltmere
Managing Director
The Myuma Group
Camooweal, Queensland
Consistent with the Government's Indigenous Procurement Policy, all CDP's are held by or will be delivered in partnership with Indigenous Owned Organisations in Communities, resulting in more localised delivery: Local people, local jobs. Together with other changes such as those allowing more flexible participation hours and arrangements, and the Capital investment fund, this will support a more flexible, efficient service in Communities and will make the Indigenous organisations involved more accountable to our Indigenous clients and responsive to local needs.