$8 million to Brisbane Broncos to support Indigenous students excel at school

Release Date: 
21 March 2019
Media release

The Liberal Nationals Government continues to foster the growth of the next generation of Indigenous leaders by funding both the expansion of the Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy and the Beyond Broncos Mentoring Program, paving the way for more school students to achieve their academic potential and thrive beyond the classroom.

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, and Federal LNP Member for Brisbane, Trevor Evans, said $6 million over four years will see more than 1,000 additional female students at schools across South-West Queensland and Northern New South Wales be supported through their studies.

The Beyond the Broncos investment Girls Academy - based in Mr Evans electorate of Brisbane - provides mentoring support through a range of activities to help students complete their senior schooling and transition into further education or employment.

In addition $2 million over four years will focus on mentoring support for students in Years 10-12 to encourage stronger engagement and retention at schools. The project will include weekly in-school mentoring from the Brisbane Broncos Support Officers with a particular focus on completing year 12 and developing a career pathway plan.

Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion said the additional funding would help strengthen existing pathways and establish news ones for young Indigenous students.

“The Beyond Broncos education initiatives recognise the potential that young Indigenous students have to be role models and leaders for the next generation,” Minister Scullion said.

Member for Brisbane Trevor Evans said he was proud to support these wonderful programs that provide culturally-based support for students to succeed at school and beyond, setting them up for a positive future in the communities they live.

“It really is fantastic to be able to partner with one of the finest, if not the finest, NRL clubs in the nation to deliver these vital programs which I know is making a difference to the lives of thousands of young Indigenous students.

“The Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy is such a powerful program and will have a transformative impact on the lives of our next generation of leaders. It opens new opportunities and lays the foundations to support the economic empowerment and security for women and their families.

“That’s why this Government has provided a range of dedicated support options for Indigenous girls and young women to complete year 12 and go on to further education and training.”

Brisbane Broncos CEO Paul White welcomed the $8 million funding commitment, which would allow the club to further expand the work being done through the Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy and the Beyond Broncos Mentoring Program.

“This a great day for the Broncos as the new funding will allow us to further expand our mentoring program and the work we are doing with young female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across Queensland and northern New South Wales,” said Mr White.

“The Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy program has grown to become a huge part of our identity as a club, and it really illustrates the commitment we have to our community on a daily basis.

“To have a permanent Broncos presence in so many schools, where we can have a positive impact on the lives of young Indigenous students, is something that goes to the very heart of the values of the Brisbane Broncos.

“We thank Minister Scullion and the Liberal National Government for their generous contribution to the program and the difference it is making every day to the lives of the young Indigenous students.”

The Beyond Broncos Mentoring Program supports students within the Brisbane region and with the new funding will allow Brisbane Broncos to continue providing vital mentoring support to students at school.

Since 2016, the Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy has provided mentoring support focused on attendance, leadership, parent engagement and pathways to further education and employment. In 2018, over 700 girls across 22 schools in Redlands, South West Queensland and Northern New South Wales participated in the program.

“Our Government first committed to this program in 2016 and has seen first-hand its enormous success since then,” Minister Scullion said. “It’s now time to build on that success.

“That’s why we’re providing the funding we’ve announced today. The program’s expansion started last year is on track to have 1,300 students participating by the end of 2019. This additional funding boost will support continued growth of this great project.”

“From the start of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) alone – the LNP has invested more than $400 million in activities designed to help over 25,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to stay engaged, complete their school education and make successful post-school transitions.

“The 2017 reconciliation $138 million Indigenous education package included increased investments for Indigenous girls and young women.  In 2019, the Prime Minister announced another $200 million Indigenous Education Package to further boost support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and students throughout Australia.

“However, Bill Shorten announced he would continue to fund only one provider working with Indigenous girls and young women $19.5 million to expand throughout Australia effectively de-funding all other scholarship, mentoring, academies and leadership providers in the process.

“Mr Shorten is playing catchup and failing – the LNP is supporting a well-established network of organisations supporting Indigenous boys and girls (including the one Mr Shorten only wants to fund) in urban, regional and remote communities for families to access educational opportunities for their children no matter where they live,” Minister Scullion said today.