Native title milestone for Anmatyerr people in NT

Release Date: 
20 June 2018
Media release

The Northern Territory’s Anmatyerr people have had their native title rights further confirmed with the determination of the remaining 1550 square kilometres of Pine Hill, a former cattle station 150 kilometres north of Alice Springs, recognised in Australian law.

Arden’s Soak Bore was the final parcel of land in the Pine Hill pastoral lease to be recognised as Anmatyerr people’s native title by the Federal Court yesterday following determinations in 2009 and 2017.  

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion congratulated the Anmatyerr native title holders and their representative, the Central Land Council which oversaw the claim and the Pine Hill west Aboriginal Corporation that will be the Prescribed Body Corporate on achieving this historic  milestone.

“This determination marks the end of what has been a long and challenging journey for the Anmatyerr people to secure recognition for what they’ve always known to be true – that Pine Hill is their land.

“The decision is a credit to the Anmatyerr traditional owners who have been patient and resilient, providing evidence and undertaking the necessary negotiations to get to this point.

“Importantly, it ensures that the Anmatyerr people’s continuing connection with country, their ongoing care for its sites and practices will be recognised by Australian law.

Across Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have had their native title recognised for approximately 40 per cent of land and we are committed to seeing all outstanding claims resolved as soon as possible.

The Coalition Government is also investing more than $20 million to build capacity in Prescribed Bodies Corporate so that Native Title holders can realise the economic, cultural and social aspirations for their land.