Coalition investing in remote Business Incubators

Release Date: 
9 October 2018
Media release
  • The Coalition Government is piloting a new program to support Community Development Programme (CDP) providers create small businesses.
  • The investment supports the broader reforms to the CDP, including 6,000 subsidised jobs and a focus on further remote economic capacity building.
  • The CDP is contributing to remote economic development and is engaging more than 70 per cent of remote job seekers who contribute to their communities through work and training activities.

The Coalition Government is announcing that it will trial four CDP Business Incubators that will help remote jobseekers turn CDP activities into small businesses.

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion announced the first CDP Business Incubator provider would be the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA), during a visit to Ramingining.

The Government is investing an initial $500,000 into ALPA to deliver this CDP Business Incubators, a new initiative originally announced as part of the Indigenous Business Sector Strategy.

ALPA will provide business support to CDP participants to help turn CDP activities into sustainable businesses. The CDP Business Incubators will provide business coaching and mentoring, back-end administrative services, workspaces, assistance with product development and links to capital sources.

“Indigenous Australians in remote communities are some of the most entrepreneurial people in the country, but unfortunately geography prevents many from accessing commercial finance or the business support necessary for any successful business venture,” Minister Scullion said.

“Communities have told us that difference between a CDP lawn mowing activity and a small mowing business can often be a lawn mower and some help to

“These CDP business incubators are will give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers in remote communities access to tailored support to build their skills, as well as provide access to business networks and capital to start small businesses.

ALPA has received an initial $500,000 to establish the first CDP Business Incubators in the Northern Territory communities of Ramingining and Galiwin’ku. Business Development Officers will work with local Aboriginal people to get small businesses started and support them as they stabilise.

ALPA CEO, Mr Alistair King has welcomed this new initiative.

“The ALPA Board believe that financial independence in the form of meaningful work is key to people achieving self-determination,” Mr King said.

“It is great to see a Government initiative focused on the long-term economic development of remote Australia.

“ALPA is excited to be sharing our commercial knowledge and experience, supporting Indigenous Australians to achieve their goals and succeed as small business owners.

The CDP Business Incubators will support the Coalition Government’s reforms to the CDP that have also created 26,000 jobs in remote communities and lifted engagement from 7 per cent under the former Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) to over 70 per cent under CDP.

Implementation of the CDP reforms will commence from February 2019 and will focus on greater community control, better connections, and greater choice for CDP participants. For more information about the CDP reforms visit