Strengthening Security of Government Data

Release Date: 
29 March 2019
Media release

The Australian Government continues to enhance the security of government data with the release today of a new whole-of-government Hosting Strategy.

The strategy provides a new framework that strengthens data sovereignty, supply chain and data centre ownership provisions to increase security, protect privacy and improve resilience of data infrastructure.

This includes a requirement that data centre facilities that host high-value government data achieve certification as “sovereign” or “assured” data centres.

Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation, Michael Keenan said that the new Strategy is critical in achieving the government’s Digital Transformation Strategy.

“As we are delivering on our vision to be a world-leading digital government, Australians need to be sure government data is subject to safeguards that meet the most stringent sovereignty and security requirements,” Minister Keenan said.

“Data plays a key role in our digital transformation efforts and we need to ensure that we host this critical resource in a sovereign, secure and consistent manner across government.

“This Strategy will ensure that we have a trusted, secure hosting ecosystem, including data centre and network infrastructure, and our services can rely on data being safe and secure throughout the supply chain.”

As part of the Strategy, a new Digital Infrastructure Service will be established to manage data centre certification and ensure the ecosystem is supported by an effective and efficient network infrastructure. DTA will also work with industry to develop a genuine strategic partnership that recognises government as a single customer.

“This is the first time the Australian Government has had a clear and coordinated approach to hosting of Government data that recognises data security and sovereignty are key enablers for delivering services digitally,” Minister Keenan said.

“Having these standards in place will build greater confidence in the quality of infrastructure and cloud hosting service investment decisions.”

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