Interim National Data Commissioner appointed

Release Date: 
9 August 2018
Media release

I am pleased today to announce Ms Deborah Anton has been appointed as the interim National Data Commissioner to lead the Turnbull Government’s public sector data reforms.

In line with recommendations from the Productivity Commission, the interim Commissioner will work closely with the Privacy Commissioner to help strengthen safeguards around the integrity, management and use of government held data.

These safeguards will be enshrined in law through the delivery of a new Data Sharing and Release Act to simplify the complex web of more than 500 privacy and secrecy provisions that currently exist across government departments.

The interim Commissioner will develop a new framework to improve access to non-sensitive data to help drive growth and innovation within the Australian economy.

The Bureau for Communications Research estimates greater access to non-sensitive data could generate up to $25 billion per year in increased productivity for Australia.

Ms Anton has wide-ranging experience in legislation, regulation, policy and program delivery, developed during a career spanning more than 20 years in the Australian Public Service.

Ms Anton assisted in establishing the Government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), which is the primary point of contact for Australian businesses to prevent and respond to malicious activity.

I congratulate Ms Anton on her appointment and trust that she will make a valuable contribution in shaping the future of the Australian data system.