Trust and Satisfaction in Australian Democracy Survey Report released

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Media release

The Assistant Minister for the Public Service, the Hon Patrick Gorman MP, will today launch the Trust and Satisfaction in Australian Democracy Survey Report.

Australia signed the Luxembourg Declaration on Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy in November 2022.

The Australian Public Service Commission then launched a survey in June 2023 to deepen the understanding of public sentiment towards democracy.

A nationally representative sample of 6000 people participated in the Survey and helped paint a picture of democracy in Australia.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Most Australians value living in a democracy and are satisfied with the way democracy works in the country.
  • The vast majority of Australians hold the fundamental values of democracy in high regard.
  • There is a high degree of variation in trust levels towards public institutions.
  • Australians who report greater confidence in their civic knowledge are more likely to have high levels of satisfaction with how democracy is working.

Quotes attributable to Assistant Minister Patrick Gorman

“The expectations on our Government and public sector to manage complexity are greater than ever.

And what that requires a strong and trusted democracy, with systems of governance in place which can confront the challenges of a changing world.

Australians deserve to understand the impact of the policies their tax dollars pay for, and the evidence which proves it.

And they deserve elected officials who act with integrity, alongside a strong and capable public sector.

Our Government established the National Anti-Corruption Commission, and is investing in an ambitious agenda of reform for the Australian Public Service.

Because our Australian democracy is always worth strengthening.”